MS Excel 2016 Bangla Tutorial – is one of the greatest step-by-step with example excel tutorial in Bangla Language.


Microsoft Excel 2016 is a commercial spreadsheet application that allows you to store, organize and analyze data.

This program is widely used in both Microsoft Windows and Mac Operating System.

By default, documents or files stored in Excel 2016 are automatically saved in the .xlsx extension.

But, the file extensions of previous Excel versions were .xls.

Who is this tutorial for?

This Microsoft Excel 2016 Bangla Tutorial is designed for students who have no previous experience with Microsoft Applications. And who want to learn Microsoft Excel in a simple and easy way at home.

Because it will also be extremely effective for those who have general knowledge about MS Excel.

Prerequisite to start

To start this tutorial, you need to have a basic idea about the peripherals of your computer, such as mice, keyboards, monitors, screens, etc., and their basic activities.

What to learn!

Introduce and Customize – MS Excel 2016 Bangla Tutorial

1. What is Microsoft Excel 2016 and Why? – Episode 01
2. Launch and Close Excel File – Episode 02
3. Ideas About The Interface of Excel 2016 – Episode 03
4. How to Customize Quick Access Toolbar? – Episode 04
5. Customize Excel Ribbon – Episode 05
6. Excel 2918 Backstage View – Episode 06

Starting Initial Work – MS Excel 2016 Bangla Tutorial

7. How to Save Excel workbook or file?- Episode 07
8. Save Excel Worksheet as a New Workbook- Episode 08
9. How to Save Excel file in PDF format? – Episode 09
10. How to Save Excel file in CSV format? – Episode 10
11. How to Save Excel file with password? – Episode 11
12. Ideas About Excel Data Type and Default Format – Episode 12
13. How to Tnput and Edit Data in Excel Sheet? – Episode 13
14. Move or Scroll Worksheet with Keyboard and Mouse? – Episode 14

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